Our staff have many years experience in family health



All our lovely doctors are Aucklanders with their medical training done in New Zealand. They have all worked in hospitals before moving into General Practice. Our GPs are known for their  caring and easy-to-talk to nature and enjoy the diverse presentations in general practice, as well as getting to know families, and being able to explain things simply, so the patients better understand their condition and health needs.


Cheryl and Sharon are NZ trained with so many years of experience and are great assets to our community. Their main areas of experience has been in Long-Term Conditions such as Asthma, Diabetes, Paediatrics, Acute Medical Care, Vaccinations, Women’s Health and many other various specialities.

They both enjoy the Patient Education aspect of primary health and are keen to support people and there families to understand their condition(s) and to be empowered to self manage.


Shirley and Jessica are our administrators and Practice Managers with many years of experience in General Practice. They look after the reception, which is the first point of contact for our patients, plus the day-to-day tasks and duties that run the medical centre. They will make sure you are looked after and will try their best in helping you access our services here at the medical centre. We thank you for your patience and understanding at our busy times. You can also speak to them if you wish to discuss financial options regarding paying your accounts.

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